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Call Me- Kingston University Illustration Animation Degree Show

Check out the video promoting the Kingston University Illustration Animation Degree show, which will be held on the 12th - 15ht June at:

Dalston Department Store
London E8 3HY

A big funky mix of amazing illustrators and animators alike, all showing of their glorious work together.

Check out the link to the blog below to get a feel for the fun you’ll have:

and the twitter to keep updated with all the happenings in the lead up to the show:

There is also a Kickstarter running to help fund the degree show, which will help to make the show amazing for both the students and everyone who comes to see it! Check it out and give what you can, there are treats for donations!

See you guys and gals there!

Start of a zine of film characters taking the time out to relieve themselves, something rarely scene. First film challenge: Lord of the Rings. Frodo spent many months (in the film) and according to the book, many years travelling from The Shire to Mount Doom, but at what point did he empty out?

business card completeeeeeeeeeeeeeee